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Recent Projects 2019

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GQ Cover featuring James Harden

For the May 2018 cover of GQ Magazine Erik was commissioned to photograph the NBA MVP James Harden. As a new direction for the men's fashion journal, Erik dove into his floral past to create a lush, vibrant set where Harden disappears into a patterned backdrop.

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Family Vacation / Stern Germany

This intimate series of photographs was commissioned by Stern Magazine in Germany for their Spring fashion portfolio. Erik, his wife and children, travelled to the the deep South to spend time exploring historic areas of the Civil War and the coastline, while Erik photographed his wife wearing an array of clothing from this season.

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Without A Face

Over the past five years Erik has focused his lens on fashion from behind, removing the face of the model and placing the emphasis on the clothing itself. For this latest installment, published by New York Magazine, Rebecca Ramsey selects an ecclectic mixture of colors and patterns from the Spring Summer 2018 season.

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Audrey Marnay photographed on The Isle of Skye

The iconic model Audrey Marnay comes to life in this cinematic series, photographed in Scotland for Harper's Bazaar UK.

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Ali Michael photographed on The Isle of Skye

For the March issue of Harper's Bazaar UK, Erik Madigan Heck photographed the model Ali Michael in the magical fairypools on The Isle of Skye, Scotland. The lush landscapes and dramatic skies provide a beautiful contrast to the whimsical styling by Leith Clark.

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The Garden

The Garden is a new and ongoing series of intimate photographs of Erik's family. The series takes place on their property in upstate Connecticut, and explores Erik's ongoing fasicination with the figure in landscape, color, and motherhood.

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Getty Images x Harper's Bazaar Collaboration

In Collaboration with Getty images, Erik mined an assortment of archives to curate a selection of historic English photographs that he reimagined by placing his muse Guinevere Van Seenus into each image. The series was published in the November 2017 issue of Harper's Bazaar UK. 

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Roger Federer for The New York Times Magazine

For the U.S. Open special issue, Erik photographed the legendary Swiss tennis player Roger Federer for the cover of The New York Times Magazine.

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Sotheby's Diamonds Advertising Campaign

For Sotheby's entrance into the high jewelry world, the long-standing auction house commissioned Heck to photograph and art direct a strikingly painterly series of images for their three tiers of bespoke jewels.

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Comme des Garçons for The NYT Magazine

On May 4th the Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art will launch the exhibition 'Art of the In-Between', a retrospective examination that will feature approximately 150 examples of Rei Kawakubo's womenswear for Comme des Garçons dating from the early 1980s to her most recent collection. In celebration of this historic moment The New York Times Magazine commissioned a special portfolio showcasing Kawakubo's latest collection, worn by Dutch model Saskia de Brauw, and featuring hair and makeup by longtime collaborator Julien D'ys.

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Nike Women's Olympics Portfolio

For the 2016 Summer Olympics Heck was commissioned to create a portfolio of women Olympians for Nike. The photographs show the competitors shot amidst surreal landscapes, ranging from Amna Al Hadad, the weighlifting champion from the United Arab Emirates, to the iconic American champion Simone Biles.

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The NYT Magazine's Music Portfolio

For the New York Times' second annual music portfolio, Heck created a series of vibrant portraits of an ecclectic group of musicians: rappers Future, Young MA, and KA; pop singers Kelela and Mitski, the composer Mica Levi, country singer James McMurtry, and jazz musician Cecile Mclorin Salvant. 

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Tilda Swinton for Gentle Monster

Heck directed a short film and photographic campaign for Korean Eyewear company Gentle Monster, featuring the actress Tilda Swinton. The project was conceived as an adaptation of Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal, where Tilda Swinton plays herself as both the Knight and Death, challenging herself to a fencing deul through a game of chess. Tilda Swinton also designed the sunglasses for the film, and Aganovich designed all the costumes. 

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Naomie Harris for New York Magazine

Naomie Harris, one of the stars of the film Moonlight is featured here as the cover star of New York Magazine's Spring fashion issue. Styled by Rebecca Ramsey, this feature showcases Heck's bold use of colour blocking and intense primary palette. 

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Harper's Bazaar UK Shipwrecked

Photographed on the southeast beaches of Broadstairs, England, this series of photographs follows Madison Stubbington through a romantic story of being washed ashore, based on Alexander McQueen's summer 2017 collection. 

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Harper's Bazaar UK Collections

For Harper's Bazaar UK's Spring - Summer 2017 Collections story Heck photographed five models at the historic Ham House, situated beside the River Thames in Ham, south of Richmond in London. It is claimed by the National Trust to be unique in Europe as the most complete survival of 17th century fashion and power.

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Gucci Menswear Spring - Summer 2017

In collaboration with The Università Iuav di Venezia, and as part of the Bauer Residency Program through The Bauer Hotels Venice, Heck created a portfolio of Gucci's 2017 Spring - Summer Menswear collection, photographed on students in the fashion programme at the Venice academy. 

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A Journey Through Japan

A portfolio commissioned by Departures Magazine featuring a mixture of traditional Japanese silhouettes with riotous hues and exaggerated shapes; Heck's colors provide a striking contrast against the lush gardens and serene temples of Kyoto and Koyasan.

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Dakota Fanning for The Guardian

A series created for The Guardian's weekend fashion special, featuring the actress Dakota Fanning. The portraits accompany an article on the young star's new projects and life in New York.

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The Cut's Fall Fashion Portfolio

Florals, fruit motifs, and Technicolor prints are not the first ideas that come to mind for fall fashion, but this season is full of vibrant patterns that recall warmer times. The Cut enlisted contributing fashion photographer Erik Madigan Heck to capture some of autumn’s most captivating looks. The result are these lustrous images highlighting fall’s colorful prints. From Balenciaga’s whimsical florals to Marni’s rich velvet jacquard and Prada’s wearable still-life silk skirt, Heck focuses on the details of each garment, set against beautiful backdrops, letting the colors and textures come to life.

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The New York Times Magazine Olympics Portfolio

For the 2016 Olympics issue, the New York Times Magazine commissioned Erik to create an intimate portfolio of current Olympians, with the past Olympians who inspired them as a series of double portraits. The body of work accompanies the cover story on Katie Ledecky- the favoured American swimmer.

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Jorya Autumn - Winter 2016 Advertising Campaign

For Jorya's Autumn - Winter advertising campaign Erik photographed his long time collaborator Guinevere Van Seenus in a graphic and colorful manner, relying on his signature blues and reds to cut across the canvas. 

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Harper's Bazaar UK August 2016 Collections

For the August 2016 issue of Harper's Bazaar UK, Heck has created a 50-page portfolio with two limited edition covers, showcasing fashion's best designers for the Autumn - Winter season. The portfolio is styled by Leith Clark and photographed at Spring Studios, London.

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Adele for TIME Magazine

For one of TIME Magazine's last covers of 2015, the publication commissioned a series of portraits of the iconic singer and pop-mogul Adele. Both chromogenic, as well as silver gelatin prints were made, showcasing Adele in a rare colourful light, as well as in stark Avedonesque grey-tones.

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A Magazine Curated By Thom Browne

For the 15th issue of 'A Magazine Curated By', Thom Browne curated an entirely black-and-white issue exploring the theme of death. As a personal contribution Heck composed a series of photographs of his wife reinacting the paintings of Casper David Freidrich, across The Isle of Skye in Scotland. Here the photographs are shown in their original colour state.

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Aganovich / Hari Nef / 2016

To showcase Aganovich's Spring-Summer 2016 collection, Erik commissioned his mother Shelly Madigan to create a series of live action paintings while he photographed Hari Nef- the transgender model and activist. The portfolio captures Hari portraying Tiresias, the Greek soothsayer who was praised as a priestess before eventually reverting back to a man.

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Paysage Intime

This landscape series was composed through layering aerial photographs ontop of each other that were originally captured from a prop-plane above the Middlefork, on the Salmon River. The images recall Degas' watercolour studies and further Heck's continued interest in plein-air landscape painting by way of photography.

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Harper's Bazaar UK Covers 2014-2016

From January 2014, Heck has been collaborating with Harper's Bazaar UK on creating limited edition covers for the magazine sold exclusively at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, as well as for their subscribers. Here is an assortment of the collectible covers from the past two years. 

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Nicki Minaj the new york times magazine

Nicki Minaj photographed for the cover of The New York Times Magazine. In a very graphic and minimally arranged set-up, Nicki is photographed, and transformed through 20 layers of color-screens to illustrate an essay on the 'transformation of the self'. Released in print on Sunday, October 11th, 2015. 

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Harper's Bazaar UK Spring 2016 Florals

In reference to the early Impressionist photographers of the late 1800's and early 1900's, Heck creates a series of soft images where the model is sandwiched between sheets of glass and veils of sheer fabrics.

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Saoirse Ronan for New York Magazine

Saoirse Ronan graces the cover of New York Magazine's Spring Fashion issue, with a series of ethereal and bright fashion sketches that showcase some of the season's most beautiful looks. The feature accompanies Saoirse's film 'Brooklyn' and is styled by Rebecca Ramsey.

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Kylie Jenner for Paper Magazine

Kylie Jenner transforms into a plastic doll for the cover of Paper Magazine, allowing for a sense of humor to be placed on her public persona. Styled by Rushka Bergman, the young reality tv star loosely takes the shape of different American pop icons in this series of portraits.

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TIME Magazine's 2015 Culture Portfolio

The 2015 culture portfolio created for TIME magazine's 'Person of the Year' issue. The collection of graphic images includes the musicians Kendrick Lamar and Carly Rae Jepsen, author Neil Stephenson, actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Taraji P. Henson, Blythe Danner, and Rami Malek, and the cast of Hamilton.

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Harper's Bazaar UK 2016 Collections

For the Spring-Summer 2016 Collections portfolio, Harper's Bazaar UK commissioned a series of loose studio portraits that evolve in a more naturalistic manner from the previous three portfolios. The images feel less controlled and stylized, leaving the focus on the light, clothing, and movement.

20150521 emh junyawantanabe 1285featured 1583 xxx q85

Junya Watanabe Fall - Winter 2015

To illustrate Junya Watanabe's Fall - Winter 2015 collection, New York Magazine commissioned a series of flattened portraits. The images blur the line between photography and handmade paper cut-outs, helping to distance the designer's creations further from the three dimensional reality they aim to reject.

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Thom Browne Fall - Winter 2015

For Thom Browne's Fall - Winter 2015 collection, 80 inverted carbon prints were produced in a brilliant tonal range. The inverted images take on the appearance of pencil drawings, as the process focuses a microscopic lens on the delicate lace fabrication of the collection.