For Disegno No.5, Erik Madigan Heck and Mary Katrantzou engage in an elongated email correspondance, discussing music, fashion, and their roles in an ever-changing industry.

The fifth installment of the publication boasts an impressive lineup of artists working in architecture, design and fashion. The cover story focuses on the Kumbh Mela, a religious pilgrimage in India, whose status as the largest public gathering in the world is made possible by the complex and sophisticated temporary megacity that grows up to support it. The feature contains photography of the Kumbh Mela by Giles Price, who is joined in a conversation piece by the architect Rahul Mahrotra, the leader of a Harvard University team examining the phenomenon.

Other features include a critical look at the future of lighting design; an examination of the choreographer Richard Siegal's collaborations with architects and designers; a report on Hella Jongerius' redesign of the UN North Delegates Lounge in New York; a reflection on 101 Spring Street, the recently refurbished studio and living space of the artist Donald Judd; and a dispersed feature in which Sir Paul Smith explores his passion for everyday objects through a quiz and watercolour paintings.

The issue also includes projects from Industrial Facility, Vitamins, Claesson Koivisto Rune and Gareth Pugh, alongside an essay exploring the future of design education, and a travelogue that examines what the graphic identity of Marseilles' year as European Capital of Culture tells us about the city, its architecture and how its citizens live.

208 pages

1st Edition / 3,000 copies

Paper: Symbol Tatami 115gsm

Printed in the United Kingdom